The TMG Experience

TMG has remained steadfast in its commitment to healthy, smart buildings and getting tenants back to the office as safely as possible. We invite you to watch a short video highlighting TMG’s investment in a tech-enabled user experience, offering a unique environment for our community and tenants.   


Building Mobile App

Provide tenants with a streamlined mobile app for all property interfaces, designed to increase tenant engagement and satisfaction, enhance level of service, and function as a central command center—serving as a key differentiator in the market and driving brand equity to all TMG buildings. Primary use cases include access control, building communications and information, location-based services and wayfinding, and reservation management for amenities and services. 

Smart Building Technology

Leverage smart building devices and software to optimize building operations, improve the occupant experience, and help future-proof our properties. Examples include predictive building analytics systems, touchless access control, occupancy sensors and counters, elevator destination dispatch, touchless payment systems, and more.

Tech-Enabled User Experience

Emphasize productivity and engagement in the workplace and built environment by offering occupants modern, streamlined, and appealing technology touchpoints; engaging strategic partners to level up the offerings of amenities and services; and seamlessly integrating disparate services and processes in a single, efficient interface. TMG is committed to fostering unique experiences for our community and tenants, from enticing events programming and versatile, attractive amenities to hands-on service staff that anticipate tenant needs.