Trailblazers in Real Estate

TMG’s accomplished professionals move the needle on value-add assets and guide clients through game-changing development decisions.

  • David Cheek

    Chairman and Managing Partner

  • Gary Block

    Partner, Chief Investment Officer, Opportunistic
    Investment Committee Chair

  • James Huckaby

    Partner, Chief Investment Officer, Residential & Industrial

  • Mark King

    President & COO

  • Liz Altman

    Senior Creative Manager, Marketing

  • Kat Bogue

    Office Manager, Operations

  • Tom Boylan

    Senior Vice President, Development

  • Brandon Cook

    Senior Associate, Acquisitons

  • Jayna Desai

    Property Accounting Manager, Accounting

  • Emily Desmond

    Senior Analyst, Accounting

  • Steve DeWitt

    Manager, Accounting

  • Michael Durrwachter

    Senior Analyst, Acquisitons

  • Cassi Poole Eaton

    Senior Vice President, Operations

  • Jim Eick

    Director of Operations, Property Management

  • Adam Farbman

    Vice President, Accounting

  • Stephen Garibaldi

    Vice President, Acquisitions

  • Dave Gelfond

    Managing Director, Portfolio Management & Development

  • Dan Glavin

    Senior Associate, Development

  • Tanya Graves

    Senior Vice President, Marketing

  • Jake Guttman

    Associate, Acquisitions

  • Russell James

    Vice President, Construction Management

  • Matt Kaufman

    Senior Analyst, Acquisitions

  • Noah Kness

    Analyst, Accounting

  • Bruce Lane

    Vice Chairman

  • Oliver Lee

    Vice President, Acquisitions & Development

  • Ryan Leach

    Head of Investor Relations

  • Isaac Lieb

    Associate Vice President, Accounting

  • Lydia Ly

    Cash Manager, Accounting

  • Wil Machen

    Senior Vice President, Head of Asset Management

  • Colin Madden

    Senior Associate, Acquisitions
    Data Chair

  • KC Mahan

    Vice President, Investor Relations and Accounting
    ESG Chair

  • Kyle Maurer

    Senior Vice President, Acquisitions & Development
    Technology & Innovation Chair

  • Mike McCarthy

    Vice President, Acquisitions & Development

  • Amy Moreira

    Vice President, Construction Management

  • Tilghman Morton

    Vice President, Asset Management

  • Zack Patterson

    Managing Director, Acquisitions & Investments

  • Jason Phillips

    Senior Vice President, Construction Management

  • AJ Pollock

    Senior Project Manager, Construction Management

  • Stacy Purdy-Lautar

    Senior Vice President, Property Management

  • Charlie Schwieger

    Vice President, Asset Management

  • Robert Shepard IV

    Senior Project Manager, Construction Management

  • Emily Siegel

    Senior Associate, Leasing & Marketing
    Innovation Chair

  • Dilshan Subasinghe

    Associate, Acquisitions

  • Salem Tierce

    Managing Director, Acquisitions

  • Bibi Toosi

    Executive Assistant, Operations

  • Caroline Turner

    Marketing Manager

  • Kevin Waters

    Vice President, Accounting

  • Katie Yanushonis

    Senior Vice President, Leasing
    DE&I Chair