Fans of New Frontiers

Charting strategic growth and taking an opportunistic stance on investments.  TMG has – and will – remain resourceful and agile in our acquisition, development, and value-add techniques.  Our comprehensive in-house capabilities allow us to generate uniquely lucrative outcomes for our investors, partners, and future tenants.

Investment Management

TMG carefully identifies promising real estate investments in the Mid-Atlantic, South, and Southeast with significant value potential.

We both (1) partner with best-in-class developers, and (2) continuously nurture a network of institutional owners, brokers, lenders, and service providers for direct opportunities, including development and opportunistic value-add investments.

On every deal, we utilize our in-house expertise and bolster our market intelligence to make the best-informed investment decisions for our investors.

We take pride in our ability to provide investors a full-service experience across a range of opportunities and product types.

Strategic Growth & Development

With roots in the nation’s capital, TMG cut its teeth in a market known for high barriers to entry. By way of our 30 years of existence and evolution, we have cemented a reputation for excellence in the DC region, while selectively expanding our footprint nationally—and across all product types — in high-opportunity markets. 

TMG is focused on the site selection, acquisition and development of strategically located real estate expected to benefit from outsized demand, given the changing landscape of supply chains and population growth.  TMG is a sophisticated team specializing in the development of office, retail, industrial, multifamily and residential properties, guided by a continued focus on innovation, sustainability, and the future tenant(s)’ experience.

Value Creation

Proactive and discerning, TMG is adept at unlocking value throughout site selection, acquisition, development and asset management. By working with in-house development, construction and management teams, as well as best-in-class architects, engineers and consultants, TMG is able to design and deliver high-quality properties that command top dollar on both rents and in the capital markets.

TMG also strategically sources opportunities via credit market dislocations, distressed sellers, dislocated ownership structures, improper capitalization, operating inefficiencies, and mismanagement from absentee owners.

From the moment a potential acquisition is identified and throughout its lifecycle, TMG:

Creatively identifies land and rezoning opportunities

Utilize market experience to identify attractive opportunities in the Mid-Atlantic, South, and Southeast

Thoughtfully designs and builds best-in-class product

Thoughtfully repositions the project through comprehensive rebranding and capital improvements

Aggressively leases and manages properties

Effectively reduces operating expenses

Guided by a focus on sustainability and the future-proofing of our assets through technology

Augments tenant engagement through attractive amenity offerings, tailored technology, and targeted activation and programming